Our Products And Services
What Other Services do You Offer?

In addition to our writing, we also offer editing and proofreading. However, what makes us stand out is our writing evaluation service. This is something that very few companies have to offer. If you have a written piece and aren’t 100% sure that it meets the mark, you can upload it to our website and we will evaluate it for you.

What products and services do you offer?

We offer writing, editing, proofreading, and grading services. For students who offer a full suite of academic writing products. If you’re looking for a job we can help you with your resume, CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile. For business professionals, we offer web content, articles, press releases, blog posts, and more.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are diligent students, hard working job seekers, and just business professionals.

Do you offer anything in addition to writing, editing, and proofreading?

We do! We are proud to offer quality check services for customers who would like to have the content they have written evaluated by professional editors and proofreaders.

Who does the evaluation of my writing?

All of our editors are professional writers and/or instructors of English composition. Some are authors; some are current or retired college instructors; all have expert writing and teaching skills.

Our Review Services
Will you use my text after you’ve worked with it?

Absolutely not. Your wrtitten piece remains your property the entire time it is in our hands. Once we have completed the process, well will delete the text from our systems.

How do I pay for quality check services?

There’s no difference between paying for this service than paying for our other services. We go into detail about payments below.

What if I don’t think the analysis was accurate or thorough enough?

If you are not happy with your report, we will provide you with a second analysis. Please be aware that this is done as a courtesy, and we only accept one request for a ‘second look’.

How will quality check services help me?

We provide an analysis that will help you to improve your overall writing skills and also give you insights into whether or not your writing is appropriate to the task you have. As a result, you will become a better writer in general, and will be able to complete your current assignment with as much accuracy as possible.

What information will you give me?

Yes, we will give you an approximate grade that we believe your paper will receive. However that should not be taken as a guarantee as we do not know your instructor’s preferences. We will also send you helpful notes on your writing style, formatting, and other important writing elements.

Is your service safe to use?

First, we guarantee confidentiality and privacy for all clients. Second, our payment procedure is through a third-party SSL-certified processor that protects your financial information. Third, we never share customer information with anyone else.

Our Guarantees
What if I Don’t Like my Text?

We’re very proud to have an excellent track record of success when it comes to writing texts that meet our clients needs. However, on rare occasion, there is a misunderstanding and miscommunication, and we miss the mark. When this  happens, please know that we will work to quickly fix any issues. All you have to do is let us know.

How do I Know This is Safe And Legal?

We get this question a lot. Clients say, “I need help writing my article, but I don’t want to get into trouble.”  They are concerned about getting into trouble with their instructor, getting ripped off, or that they are breaking some law by doing so. Here is what we have to say about that.

  • All texts are original and will pass any originality scan test

  • We will never divulge our relationship with you to any third parties

  • Your personal and financial information are protected at all times

  • We have never encountered a situation where using these services was illegal

We absolutely guarantee that your writing will be original, delivered on time, and written to your specifications.


Do you have an originality guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 100% guarantee that ever text, blog post or article that we write has been written from scratch just for you. We are happy to provide proof of this on request.

What about on time delivery?

Your deadlines are as important to us as they are to you. Please know that we have an amazing track record for getting the most urgent assignments delivered on or before their due date.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

When you receive your final document you will have the opportunity to review it before accepting it. If you do not like it, please return it to us and indicate what it is that you would like be changed. If we have failed to follow your instructions in any way, we will revise your paper until it is right.

What if I am not totally happy with the service I order?

Let us know where you believe your editor has fallen short, and we will get right on it.

Our Writers And Customer Service Agents
Who’s Going to Write my Text?

We have put together an amazing team of copywriters and expert writers to provide writing help and other services. When we receive your order, we match it with a writer who has the education, background, and experience that makes them most qualified to work on your paper. No matter who takes on your project, you can feel confident that they:

  • College Educated With a Masters Degree or Higher

  • Have Real World Experience in Their Industry

  • Are a Native English Speaker

  • Have Gone Through Our Intensive Training Program

  • Will Work With You to Ensure The Best Results Possible

What if I have a question about my order?

If you have questions or concerns you don’t have to wait for answers. Our customer service team is available 24//7. You can call us or contact a support representative online and they will be able to help you. Our customer support team is fully trained when it comes to our products, services, and policies. Even more importantly, they are empowered to take action and provide you with the help that you need.

Are your writers qualified to work on my complicated project?

Writers want to work for us. Because of this, we are able to attract talented writers and industry experts who have experience and education in a variety of niches and fileds. Whether you are pursuing your doctorate in music theory, studying organic chemistry, or going for your master’s in linguistics, we are certain we can help you.

What if I need to contact my writer?

We encourage our clients and writers to communicate with one another regularly. We believe it is best when information is shared, questions are asked, and suggestions are made between you and your writer without interference from a middleman or go-between. You are free to contact your writer at any time, and they are free to contact you as well.

Can I request a writer?

We get this question quite frequently. Some of our clients work with a writer once and want to use that same writer on future orders. Others have writers recommended to them by friends. The answer is yes. If your requested writer is available, we will assign them to your order. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be available. Also, we will not assign a writer to a project that they are not qualified to complete.

Will I be able to speak directly to my editor?

Yes. We have a messaging system set up just for this purpose. You can check on progress, ask questions, and give clarifications if your editor needs them.

Placing an Order And Making Payments
What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards, and money transfers. We may consider other forms of payment in the future.

Is my information safe?

Your personal and financial information are absolutely safe with us. We  guarantee that your information is safeguarded and encrypted. Our policies also dictate that we will not provide your information to third parties without your consent.

When is payment due?

You must make payment when you place your order. If there are any issues, we will help to settle those disputes.

Can you meet really tight deadlines?

Yes, we can. Our pros work fast without sacrificing quality, and you will have your project finished on time.