About Us

We are Professionals Committed to Improving Your Writing

While we are happy to provide writing services to our customers, our end goal is for you to become a skilled content or business writer. So, we encourage you to submit your own writing pieces and let our analysts evaluate them, correct them, and give you sound advice and actions to take to get better. Anyone can become a better writer if they have the right help – we will give you that help.

We Are Different from the Rest

Here is why we stand out from the others:

  • Our writers and writing analysts are all professional writers on their own. And many of them are teaching or have taught English at the university level.
  • The direct communication between our customers and their writers/analysts is like that of a student and a personal tutor.
  • Our services are more than reasonable. Writing tutors typically charge as much as $25/hour. Our customers get full evaluations of their writing with direct instruction and suggestions.
We Operate with Transparency and Confidentiality

We have a set of policies in place that give important guarantees to our customers.

  • They know the cost of what they order up front, and this will not change unless the customer requests add-ons.
  • We have a privacy policy that will protect the personal information of our customers. We never reveal our customers’ identities to any third party
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction and will continue to work until we have achieved that.